My Story

I was having the time of my life, working in the beauty industry in London meeting some amazing people along the way with many celebrity clientèle. I also won Party Girl of the Year in a national newspaper and was whisked off to Spain to film for Sky TV and did some modeling too. 

Chasing my dream job of being a TV presenter… traveling the world, having such an active life and I never stopped dancing! 

Little did I know my that life was certainly not to turn out the way I expected it. I was enjoying a night out with friends in a nightclub when a man came off of a balcony above me, landing on my head. I sustained a c4/5 spinal cord injury which means complete paralysis from the shoulders down (tetraplegia) as you can imagine it was completely devastating for me as well as my family. I remember lying on the floor of the club and knew instantly that it was serious as all I could do was blink. You can read the full story here which was published in the Huff Post U.K. by my dear friend Sam who is a writer and was also with me on that dreaded night.

I spent 10 long months in a spinal unit after having emergency surgery, extremely tough times. 

Since returning home l have tried to keep as healthy as possible and do physiotherapy five times per week, came off all my medication three years ago also eat a really healthy diet. It’s been a very long hard journey over the years but with the love and support of my family I chose to fight and do everything that I possibly could for a cure for paralysis.

One of my key aims is to raise awareness for spinal cord injury and to support research initiatives. 

The Daily Mail covered my story to promote awareness. 

I’m also a proud member of the Cure Girls. We are a group of women from across the world who are living with a spinal cord injury and our mission is to make chronic spinal cord injury curable! We want to tell the world how life really is living with paralysis and we work tirelessly together on a daily basis to fund raise, campaign and also write blogs about our mission. You can follow our journey here

Over the years I’ve raised thousands of pounds for a cure for paralysis. How? Well, I have completed many personal challenges such as skydives, cycled over 2,231 miles on my FES bike, fasted and also organised parties and events. 

As a Cure Girl meeting with the scientists and getting updates on the latest research is imperative. I have travelled to Brazil, USA, and Italy and visited laboratories where the research is taking place, also here in the U.K. 

There is nothing more touching than when friends and family fundraise for my cause too! 

The bottom line is we need to do everything we can to support charities which fund vital research for a cure for paralysis. Every 8 hours in the U.K. alone someone is told that they will never walk again. SCI can happen to anyone at anytime. There are over 2.5 million people living with this devastating injury. 

We need to find a cure ASAP!

Every donation made goes to fund potentially life changing research! 

Thanks so much for your support!

Lots of love

Lolly x