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A big HELLO and welcome to my new website!

In 2004 during a night out with friends an incident occurred which transformed my life. Suddenly I was lying on the floor of a nightclub totally paralysed. I knew that something was terribly wrong when all I could do was blink, my friends were telling me to get up but I couldn’t. Paramedics arrived and took me to hospital where I had emergency surgery. After a six hour operation I was told by doctors that my spinal cord was damaged ie compressed.What followed was ten months of rehabilitation in a spinal unit miles away from my home. During this time my family and I decided to fight this situation all the way and do everything we can for me to WALK AGAIN. I feel so blessed and lucky to have such an amazing family and support of my best friends. Since returning home I still work very hard to maintain my fitness, working with my physio five times per week. I retain my passion for the same things I had pre-injury namely travelling, fashion, music and glamour modelling too!

One of my key aims is to raise awareness of spinal cord injury and to raise funds for charities that will fund research for a cure for chronic spinal cord injury. The Daily Mail covered my story again this year to promote awareness. I am also a proud member of The Cure Girls. We are a group of women from all over the world who have a SCI and together are on a mission to make spinal cord injury curable. We write a blog and tell how life really is living with a SCI. You can follow us here on the Cure Girls Blog. You can keep up with all of my fundraising shenanigans here on my website FUNDRAISING page. March 2013 I fulfilled a dream of mine to skydive. It was an amazing experience and I raised over three thousand pounds for Spinal Research. I also have organised lots of events, parties and entertainment evenings which are great fun and at the same time raising thousands of pounds for charity. In January 2014 I did a 264 mile virtual cycle, equivalent distance of LA to VEGAS which I completed in fifteen days on my FES bike. We even held a Standupforacure party in Brazil where I met Brazilian Cure Girl Sabrina. Sabrina organised the event and I attended as her fellow Cure Girl host. The press in Brazil attended and we were interviewed for TV and also hit the headlines creating lots of awareness for spinal cord injury cure. We were then invited to the British Embassy in Porto Alegre. In 2015 I completed a 282 mile virtual cycle, equivalent distance of LONDON to NEWCASTLE but to make it even harder I gave up chocolate and alcohol for the whole month of March. Over £1,300 was raised for the NICHOLLS SPINAL INJURY FOUNDATION. You may remember them from the Panorama documentary where Professor Geoffrey Raisman and his team carried out groundbreaking nasal cell transplantation to make a paralysed man take steps. This is very early stages and to carry on this research another 10 million pounds must be raised. I had some interesting visits with charities and researchers from the UK and USA in 2015. Also some laboratory tours which were fascinating. 2015 also saw the launch of our #WalkingWednesday #CureGirls Cure Paralysis Campaign which went worldwide! It takes place on social media every Wednesday and all you have to do is post up a photo of yourself pre-injury using the hashtags #WalkingWednesday #CureGirls and you can also mention why a cure is important to you. If you don’t have a spinal cord injury just share your family and friends pics who are. It is designed to let the world know that there is an urgency for a cure for chronic spinal cord injury! So please get involved!

Back in January this year (2016) I completed a challenge which was a virtual cycle from London to Paris (285 miles) to raise money for SPINAL RESEARCH. I managed to raise over £2,000 and was a guest on Eddie Nestor’s Drivetime Show on BBC Radio London which helped raise awareness and sponsors too. It was a great privilege to be invited on as I’m a fan of Eddie’s show!

Just recently we have launched a Cure Girls Campaign for 2016 which will hopefully push the boundaries and raise more awareness for a cure for paralysis. You can read the full exclusive story in Totally Aesthetic Magazine.

To make a donation that funds vital research for a cure visit my justgiving page.


Thanks so much for your support,

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Lolly x