My Next Challenge for March 2015… Virtual Cycle from London to Newcastle and NO chocolate or alcohol for March

My next personal challenge will be a virtual cycle from LONDON to NEWCASTLE which is 282 miles in distance PLUS I’ll be giving up chocolate and alcohol for the whole month of March. All the money I raise will go to the NICHOLLS SPINAL INJURY FOUNDATION. The foundation was set up by chef David Nicholls who is the father of Dan, who I met while I was in Stoke Mandeville hospital. Dan and I had our injury at around the same time, where I spent ten months there. David’s promise to Dan was to get him walking again hence this amazing charity.

NSIF are funding the current research at the moment by Professor Geoffrey Raisman which you may have seen on the Panorama documentary and in the news last October. This is the very early stages of a ‘cure’ and Prof Raisman and his team need to raise at least ten million pounds for the research to carry on to other level/types of injury.. so WE MUST make this happen. Details of how you can sponsor me coming soon.

Thanks for your support lovely people. X0E2IqDHg_400x400 10401460_1580007015568752_534086154582735219_n