Me Before You Film ~ The Verdict

Yesterday was the #film #launch #MeBeforeYou which I just had to go and see. It’s based on a fictitious romantic novel so I was feeling skeptical as to whether it would be any good or not. I must say after watching the film I was pleasantly surprised as it showedimage the #true #facts about living with #spinalcordinjury as a lot of them sugar coat it big time! I really did not get offended by this film as I felt the complete opposite.. was a good portrayal of #tetraplegia ♿️ It has helped highlight the serious issues that we face #mentally #physically on a daily basis. Unfortunately I have known people to have taken their own lives and also have passed away through #complications of spinal cord injury. This is the SAD TRUTH about SCI which not a lot of people know about and it is time these issues were raised! This is why we need a #cure for #chronicspinalcordinjury AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! So please support research: #NSIF @supportnsif #spinalresearch #u2fp #marinaromolionlus @curegirls #CureGirls ♿️♿️♿️